explain what is meant by political Islam, what political Islamist movements have sought to achieve since their re- emergence in the 1960s, and what were the conditions that caused this recent re-emergence

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Students will be required to submit two short essays each in response questions set by the instructor and based on no other required sources than those specifically assigned as part of each essay. Essays shall be typed, single-spaced and no more than one page in length. No footnotes or endnotes are required; only parenthetical references to the sources assigned.
Ideally, essays shall be five paragraphs in length an introductory paragraph, three paragraphs constituting the body of the essay, and a concluding paragraph. Apart from answering the question posed students must perform the following additional tasks:
1. In the introductory paragraph, highlight the essays thesis statement and identify it with T next to the thesis statement.
2. In the introductory paragraph indicate in the following manner a)…. b)…. c)…. – the specific points your essay will make to substantiate the claims made in your thesis statement.
3. In each of the three paragraphs in the body of the essay highlight and indicate with an a) (in the first body paragraph b for second, c for third) where you introduce the point (first identified in the introduction) that you will develop in that paragraph.
4. Highlight and indicate with an E the evidence you use in each paragraph in support of the point you are making.
5. Highlight and indicate with an A your analysis of the evidence you use in each paragraph in support of the point you are making.
A sample short essay (illustrating how to highlight), the questions for each of the short essays, and a sample grade sheet are available on the course website.
Short essays are to be submitted through the course drop box function no later than midnight on the due date for each essay.
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