Explain how one American citizen could benefit from a “strong” dollar (compared to the Euro) while another could be hurt by it.

Please address each of the following issues in a separate paragraph or two, with each response identified by the corresponding letter of the issue you are addressing. Your responses should reflect issues you have studied in the first four chapters, and must be your own work. If you do incorporate other sources, be sure to clearly identify them as such. All submissions are expected to be college level work, with appropriate spelling, grammar, formatting, etc., and must be submitted in .doc or .dox format.

1. In your own words, differentiate between a LAN and the “Cloud”. Use of the cloud is expanding; what potential drawbacks can you anticipate to this, as opposed to the LAN?

2. In the Tarrantino classic “Pulp Fiction” the question was asked, “Do you listen or wait to talk? If someone were to ask you that question, what would your answer be? Why do you think so many of us would have to honestly answer “wait to talk”? In a business setting, what benefits can be gained from really listening?


3. In running a business, describe costs and benefits resulting from exceeding legal standards and running what you believe to be a highly ethical operation.

4. Explain how one American citizen could benefit from a “strong” dollar (compared to the Euro) while another could be hurt by it.

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