. Explain how human activities directly or indirectly impact basic ecological processes involved in obesity.

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I. Impact
A. Explain how human activities directly or indirectly impact basic ecological processes involved in obesity.
B. Explain how human activities in your local community directly or indirectly impact the basic ecological processes involved in obesity, Support your explanation with examples.
II. Potential Solutions
A. Identify potential solutions that have been proposed by the scientific community for mitigating obesity, and briefly describe each.
B. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each proposed solution. Support with scientific facts.
C. Briefly describe how human behavior would have to change in order for the solutions to be effective. Support with specific examples.
III. Reducing Personal Impact.
A.Identify your personal habits and daily activities that impact the ecological processes related to obesity and describe the impact of each habit or activity.
B. Based on the ecological impact of your previously identified habits and activities describe how your daily life impacts obesity.
C. Priortize your previously identified habits and daily activities by which have the greatest impact on obesity. Support with scientific evidence.
D. Based on your prioritization, list three strategies that will help mitigate the negative environmental impacts of the top three personal habits and daily activities you have identified for each strategy you must:
1. Explain how the corresponding habit or activity will be altered by the strategy. Support your explanation with specific examples
2. Explain how your use of this strategy and corresponding changes in your personal life will contribute to the previously identified potential scientific solutions. Support your explanation with scientific facts.
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