Explain how government fiscal and monetary policy is use to solve economic conditions.

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Regarding the paper–you can always gather historical data on each component of the U.S. GDP. Calculate percentages and comment which percentages are going up/down over the years and their economic implications. Plot them on a graph with % on Y-axis and year on X-axis. Also, calculate change in percentages from year to year for each component. Have these % changes on Y and year on X again. Make sure that your paper meets other criteria (, which are outlined in the course syllabus)

Term Paper (15%). One three-to-five page word document (excluding
bibliography, tables, equations, and graphs) typed, double-spaced, Times Roman
New, 12 pt. font research paper must be emailed by the due date at/before 23:59.
APA/MLA does not matter at this stage. The term paper topic must be your
brainchild in consultation with the instructor. First, pick a macroeconomic chapter
that interests you most, then choose your most preferred concept or concepts from
that chapter, try to relate to a real world scenario, and run it through the instructor.
A topic could be old, but it must show how you explain reality with in-class
learned materials. It must be accompanied by real-life data (no hypothetical
numbers or numbers made up by students), which must be analyzed using at least
one formula from the textbook. The formula used and numbers calculated must be
clearly represented in a table as well as graphically, which must be created in
excel. Add these tables and graphs at the end of the term paper after references.
Each student works on a unique topic. The topic is approved on first-come, firstserved
basis. For example, should two students come up with a same idea, the
student who runs it through the instructor first gets to work on this. A title,
students full name, term, and course number must appear on the front page in the
header. First section shall be an introductory section in which aim of the paper,
way to achieve it, and findings (briefly) must be mentioned. Following section
(most critical of all sections) describes and explains tables, equations, and graphs.
Discuss any expected/unexpected results in the light of leaned materials. The last
section concludes the paper. It includes main findings and your learning in the
process of writing the paper.

Required Text:
N. Gregory Mankiw, Principles of Economics, 7th edition, South-Western
Cengage Learning, ISBN 9781285165875.
Teaching/Learning Strategies:
Text material, term paper, homework assignments, and discussion board.
Course Description:
An introduction to the science of economics, with particular attention to scarcity,
market mechanisms of supply and demand, unemployment, inflation, money,
banking, Federal Reserve, government and the application of fiscal and monetary
policy to solve current economic problems.
Course Objectives:
? Explain the concept of scarcity and choice.
? Understand the law of supply and demand and their relationship to price.
? Describe the effects of unemployment and inflation on the economy.
? Describe the Federal Reserve and the ways it controls money supply.
? Explain how government fiscal and monetary policy is use to solve economic
? Distinguish the causes, cures, and effects of inflation.
? Appraise the concept of economic growth and its importance.
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