Explain Does state sovereignty adequately fulfil the right of all peoples to self-determination in contemporary international politics?

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Your essay research into the question:

Does state sovereignty adequately fulfil the right of all peoples to self-determination in contemporary international politics?

Identify the key words of the question/title and use them to map out your essay content in terms of the issues/themes that you will need to address and what sort of response is required.
Therefore, at a bare minimum, you are going to need to:
Show your understanding of the concepts and practices of self-determination and sovereignty
Define what is necessary for self-determination and discuss whether
contemporary states effectively deliver this for all peoples
Support your argument (i.e. present empirical examples and demonstrate how they help support your argument);
Write a clear conclusion that pulls together the points you have made in the essay and provides your final answer to the question.
Please Selected journal articles, that should help: A) further you understanding of the history and theory behind the state, statehood and related concepts (e.g. sovereignty and self-determination); B) identified case studies that problematise the concept of the state, and/or particular characteristics of statehood, in the 21st century.
As a rule, please provide page numbers and the year of the publication in your references. Some online sources do not have page or paragraph details or a year of publication, in which case you should supply the last year the page was updated or the time you accessed it. I will upload requirement in details in my account.
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