Explain Basics document as a guide to what a lit review might include.

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By the end of next week, I must submit a draft of the Literature Review (LR), again in working capstone template document. I attached the template with the feedback on Introduction. Please make necessary adjustments to Introduction and continue working in the template.
The draft of this section should be a minimum of 6 pages. The draft can include different sections of the LR and does not have to flow from beginning to end. As an example, if you anticipate (outlined) five topics to be covered in the LR, it is fine to have a bulk of the third topic written and a smattering of writing on the second and fourth topics as long as the total LR writing so far totals at least 6 pages. Professor wants to see the progress on the LR at this point; you will not be receiving detailed feedback on this assignment. What you submit for this draft can change or be deleted later, and I encourage you to outline your thoughts and ideas throughout this working document if you think of a possible finding or recommendation while working on your LR, go add a note to that section of your paper as soon as you think of it. It cannot be emphasized enough that this is a working document for your entire capstone paper, and the sections of the capstone are interrelated. Use the Literature Review Basics document as a guide to what a lit review might include.
The total number of pages for LR section will be 16 pages. I will place next order for additional 10 pages to finalize this section which will be due around July 1st. Remember this is a draft for LR section that will have to grow to final 16 page product.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, I am not sure how many sources you will use in this section, so its totally up to you. I picked 10, but it is adjustable Add more or less if you need
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