Essay-Journal Critique of the article Sensemaking and the coproduction of safety: a qualitative study of primary medical care patients.

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Essay- journal critique

Number of words: 1200

Weight: 50%

This is an academic essay. You are required to conduct a critical appraisal of a primary research paper. Two papers are provided and you choose one (either quantitative or qualitative).

You should follow the format of an academic essay and use well-structured headings (for example, as you see in a journal article). Headings are signposts and give clarity to writing.

We suggest the critical appraisal has headings for the following areas:

1. Introduction
2. The research problem and its significance
3. The research design and the methods.
4. Findings and their relevance to contemporary nursing policy and practice
5. Conclusion

It is important you refresh your learning about academic essay writing and refer to the marking guide (assessment rubric). This includes information about how to write critically, how to write an introduction and conclusion.

The critical appraisal will be marked on the following areas:
Grammar, spelling and punctuation
Sentence, paragraph structure & APA format
Sequence and organisation of answer
Closing paragraph(s)/ conclusion
The research problem and its significance
The research design and the methods.
Findings and their relevance to contemporary nursing policy and practice
Critical analysis.
Sources and referencing

Read the marking criteria when planning and writing the critical appraisal

There should be evidence of critical analysis of the research not just a gathering of information.

Here is the original research article to address the questions:

Rhodes, P., McDonald, R., Campbell, S., Daker?White, G., & Sanders, C. (2016). Sensemaking and the co?production of safety: a qualitative study of primary medical care patients. Sociology of Health & Illness, 38(2), 270-285.

Students should take account the following requirements:
Essays submitted after 5 days will not be accepted or marked.
Every essay is checked for plagiarism. Make and keep a full copy of all work submitted for assessment.
This is an academic essay so dot points will not be accepted -i.e. use sentences.
The essay should be written and presented in a scholarly manner
Include a title page with your name.
Include accurate and systematic in-text referencing and a bibliography using APA Referencing: The essay should have a Reference List that includes at least 6 references:
At least one research textbook;
At least five journal articles published between 2011-2017.

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