Errors in English Writing Made by Arabic Speakers, A Case Study Focusing on Articles and Transisions

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The research requirements are as followed
Develop the question. make sure to include the newer articles on the topic. The best way to look for them is through the LLBA database at the CCSU library; another is this: when searching for a particular article, click on the \’cited by\’ link). This is your Introduction section.
– In order to ensure that you can actually address the issues, you will need to give your subject(s) a ore-test of sorts — develop a writing prompt (or more than one) and administer.
B. Describe your subject(s). What predictions arise from part A for your subject(s)? What could you do with him/her/them to test the predictions/How could you check? This is your Subjects and Predictions section.
C. Now go do it. Write up what you did as clearly as possible (each step). This is your Methodology section.
D. Take a look at the results. Describe what you found. This is your Results section.

E. Discuss your results from the point of view of the predictions in section A. Were the predictions confirmed? Were you able to answer the question? Why/why not? Any implications for other populations/questions/topics of inquiry? Any confounding factors/alternative explanations for your results? This is your Discussion section.
F. Briefly summarize A-E. What were the limitations of this case-study? What has gone wrong? How could this be fixed in the future? Would the problem persist with larger populations? Other issues? This is your Summary and Directions section.

G. Attach a Works Cited page; all the references (both in-text and at the end) must be formatted in APA.
Research questions
1- What are the most common errors In Arabic speaker learning English writing?
2- What are the sources of these errors?
3- Is explicit instruction and direct feedback useful to treat these errors?
The literature review should include background studies for the reason of these errors, for example, transfer of L1.
The research is a case study done on an Arabic speaking ESL learner. It was done in 6 session over a period of 6 weeks. The participant has trouble in definite articles, indifinite articles, and with transitions. She received explicit instruction and direct feedback from the instructor during wirting her homework. We are measuring her process by looking at a sample of her homework writing before the instruction \”the treatment\” and comparing it to her last writing of homework after the treatment. A T-test needs to be done to comapre bewtween her score before treatment and after for each item individually \”Definite article, Indifinte article, transisions\”. The score is based on ommition and commition of the errors. The ratio should be out of 100. . An analaysis of variable test should be done too. There should be a progress in her use of indifinite articles but not on definite articles or transisions.
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