The team and Stadium for this paper is the OKC THUNDER and their stadium.

In this assignment you will be tasked with researching and analyzing the ?nancing of a North American sport stadium where substantial public funds have been utilized. You will research the political and economic power of the sports team or ownership group negotiating with the city as well as the political and economic power of the city. This paper should include a brief history of the team, a history of sports teams in that particular city, where relevant, and any evidence of the cultural importance of the team to the city or region.
It is important to recognize that the ability of a team to have a city or state contribute ?nancing hinges on a few possible arguments:
1. Can the team or city convince taxpayers that their contributions will provide a economic bene?t? 2. Can the team convince taxpayers that their contribution will provide a public good bene?t? 3. Can the team convince the city they will move somewhere else if they do not receive a public
Note, in many circumstances the city the stadium is located in is not the city in the team name. For example, the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers play in Arlington, Texas and the San Francisco 49ers now play in Santa Clara, CA, an hour away.
Your paper should outline the speci?cs of the public and private contributions to the stadium as well as the political STORY behind the approval of the teams contribution. If the team has moved from an old city, the analysis should include information about why they are leaving. If the team threatened to move elsewhere, that information should be included.
You should identify, to the best of your ability, any economic analysis of the stadium, either prospective or retrospective. You should critique these economic analyses based on how this has been discussed in class. It is highly recommended you include general research evidence on the economic impact of sports stadiums to evaluate what you ?nd.
As a recommendation, do not go overboard with explaining the details of the history of the team or political situation unless it is clearly related to the game theory and negotiating power of the parties. My hope is you spend a good deal more time evaluating the economic impact of the stadium, both in terms of the claims before it was built and after the fact. Note, dont discount evidence of the public good argument as well.
As with Assignment 1, you will be assigned a choice of two subjects. The scope of leagues is now either an NFL stadium or an NBA/NHL arena in the United States or Canada. Note, incomplete stadium projects (such as for the Los Angeles Rams/Chargers or Las Vegas Raiders) will not be assigned, but stadiums in cities that do not have teams (Quebec City, Kansas City and St. Louis) will be assigned. These require a somewhat di?erent approach; students assigned these cities should discuss with me the best approach if they choose to write about them, or alternatively may request a di?erent option.
Papers should be well researched, and well-cited. I expect this assignment to be about 4-8 pages in length. The more research performed, in general, the better the paper. Dont hesitate to ask for hints and guidance.
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