Do I belong to any religious or spiritual groups?

Having an awareness of one’s own spiritual beliefs has an effect on one’s ability to provide effective care to others.  For this assignment, you will be conducting your own self-assessment by answering the following Spiritual Self-Assessment Questions from Chapter 5 of your course text:

1.   Who are the most important groups of people in my life right now? In the past?

2.   Do I belong to any religious or spiritual groups?

3.   What spiritual beliefs do I share with any of these groups?

4.   Have I pondered the meaning of life, my relationships with others, the things I value the most, my life history, and my future?

5.   Have I shared any of these thoughts or beliefs with important individuals in my life?

6.   Do I follow any special rules to express my spiritual beliefs?

7.   Do I have spiritual rituals that I like to do regularly?

After answering the above questions, reflect on your responses and examine the effects of your own spiritual beliefs on the delivery of care to others. How does being aware of your own spirituality affect relationships with patients or clients in a health care setting? How would you apply this knowledge in your future professional role?

Submit a two-to three-page paper (excluding title and reference pages).  The first part of your paper should include your responses to the Spiritual Self-Assessment Questions; the second part should be your reflection and response to the assignment questions.  Include a minimum of one scholarly source (can be the textbook) cited in APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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