Discuss your personal values and the impact they have you as an individual

Paper comprises of 2 parts. You may split up the paper to address both parts separately.  PART 1: YOUR VALUES AT WORK● Within recent years, there has been an increase in conversation about connecting values with work. Individuals who are aware of their strengths and utilize them in everyday work, are more engaged on the job. The conversation goes both ways: ○ “In a survey of 1,409 CEOs, 69% said their firm’s purpose is focused on societal value—and 24% changed their purpose in the last 3 years to make it so.” The article is here; ○ “If Your Values Clash With How You\’re Working, You\’ll Suffer — Here\’s How To Fix That” The article is here;  ● Please discuss your personal values and the impact they have on:○ You as an individual ○ You as a member of the community ○ You as an individual working in the business world ● How would you approach working with someone or for a company who/which holds starkly different values from your own? ○ Provide examples (e.g., internship, job, past group project, teams, clubs/organizations, etc.) where you worked with/for someone who had different values than your own. What were the challenges? What was the outcome? Did you learn anything about the other person? About yourself? How has that past experience shaped the way you will approach similar situations in the present/future? ● Learning more about your strengths and values, how do you plan to use this information in looking for organizations to work for? Have these conversations in class changed the way you look at companies?● You should include definitions of the following concepts in business using reliable sources: passion, values, strengths, integrity, and leadership. Please note that all sources must be appropriately cited. PART 2: INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW Overview: Informational interviews are fact-finding meetings that will help you gain insight into an industry, occupation or a specific employer, learn what types of skills are needed in the job, and establish contacts that may help you find employment in the future. In order to complete this interview, you must identify an individual (e.g. alumni, faculty or corporate employee) and schedule an informational interview with them (ideally in person).  An informational interview is NOT a job interview, so your primary goal is to learn about the company and the professional background and experience of the person you are meeting with. You should NOT ask for an internship/job. Additionally, you should be prepared to share information about yourself and why you are interested in learning more about this company as you research various career opportunities. It is a good idea to craft an “elevator speech” prior to the interview if you do not have one already.  Instructions for Part 2 of Your Paper: Please write about what you learned from your interview. This should include the following components:● Provide information regarding the individual’s education and professional background, how he or she acquired his or her current position, a description of his or her primary job responsibilities, and any recommendations offered for emerging business professionals.● When meeting this person, what concepts of leadership came to mind? Is this person a kind of “leader” you’d like to see yourself become?● Include your own reflections on the assumptions you had prior the interview and about what you learned through the interview.● Did you discuss the company’s values within the interview? What did you learn? Do you think you would be a good fit for the organization? ● Papers should be and written in 12 point Times New Roman font, with one inch margins.● Papers should include a single-spaced header in the upper left corner of your paper with your name, section number, and the date.● Papers should have a title, center aligned, between the header and body of your essay.● Please include proper citations for any quotes or material used from the text. You may use APA or MLA formatting.

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