discuss the racial issues in William L. Harriss address to the Georgia General Assembly given on December 17, 1860.

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Book: Find the answer on Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Cause of the Civil War

1. Compare and contrast Alexander Stephens views of slavery as a reason for disunion in his infamous 1861 Cornerstone speech with his post Civil War writings. What is your opinion of Stephens honesty and integrity?

2. List and discuss the racial issues in William L. Harriss address to the Georgia General Assembly given on December 17, 1860. Harris clearly shows in his speech whether his racial attitude is conservative or liberal, make sure you identify which he is and explain why as part of your answer.
3. What does the author Charles Dew mean on page 55 when he states that Alabama Commissioner Stephen Hales letter to Kentucky Governor Beriah Magoffin, should be required reading for anyone trying to understand the radical mind-set gripping the lower South on the eve of the Civil War? You must be familiar with the letter that is in the appendix to answer this question.

4. List and discuss the three images used over and over again by the Secession Commissioners that construed the Souths worst nightmare. Do these issues still influence our social thinking regarding race relations?
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