Discuss the qualities of a good leader.

During the semester, each team member will serve in the capacity of team leader for two separate weeks during the term.Beginning Week 3, your team will appoint a team leader which will rotate thereafter. It is your team’s responsibility to create and track this schedule.Importantly, each team member should serve as team leader once before the midpoint of the semester (during Weeks 2-6) and at least once after the midpoint (during Weeks 8-13). The team leader will be responsible for setting up team meetings, running the meetings, managing and coordinating team tasks, communicating with team members and the course instructor (if necessary), and turning in any project-related deliverables on behalf of the team. One week after your leadership period, you will individually prepare and submit a 2-3 double spaced page assignment that analyzes your own team leadership effectiveness and answers the questions below. How did your team members respond to your team leadership? .Did you follow similar practices and behaviors each time you led the team? Why or why not? If you changed practices and behaviors, how did this reflect your own thoughts and/or the feedback provided by your team members?What particular management skills and/or theories from our class did you find most useful/valuable to you as team leader? Why?How did you handle challenges you faced as a team leader? Simply stating you did not experience any challenges is not sufficient!   

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