Discuss the nonmarket issue and why this is a potential problem or opportunity for the firm that you represent.

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Overview: Your report should assume the role of an adviser to the CEO of a company and should discuss your integrated market and nonmarket strategy to deal with a nonmarket issue in a country that you choose (I.e., Facebook\’s entry into China).

Elements of the report:
1) Issue. Discuss the nonmarket issue and why this is a potential problem or
opportunity for the firm that you represent.
2) Actors and Interests. Who are the actors (besides your company) that are likely to be involved on this issue and what do they want (interests)?
3) Arena. Discuss the political forums in which the issue is likely to be addressed.
4) Information and Assets. What information and assets do actors have? 5) Bargaining Context. Identify your firms potential allies or adversaries
among the actors involved as matters currently stand.
6) Range of Outcomes. What possible outcomes do you predict if you do not take action to improve your bargaining position?
7) Strategy. Construct an appropriate market and nonmarket strategy and discuss tactics to implement your strategies to secure the best outcome for
your firm given the constraints you face.

Organizational matters:
The report should be no longer than 2500 words, not including the bibliography, which should cite your sources and which should come at the end of your report. You should also provide an executive summary of about 150 words at the beginning of the write-up. Appendix, data, charts or the like should be at the end of the paper and should not be more than 2 pages at most. Please use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double space, and use page numbers.

Example/sample case reports of the same assignments, BUT different topics are attached for reference only.

Thank you.
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