Discuss the main strengths and weaknesses of the firm;

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The key task of this assignment is to develop an integrated international marketing plan,
which would help a firm exploit the market opportunity to sell products to the target
consumers in a specific market today. The firm must be real and belong to one of the
following sectors:
a) An alcohol beverage company
Please note that the level of analysis should be a specific product/brand. For example,
Innocent is a sub-brand of Coca Cola Group. The analysis should focus on the brand
Innocent, instead of the overall Coca Cola Group. You will need to make sure that the
product has not entered the chosen market before by searching information from the firms
official website. Secondly, select a country where the company is not currently operating,
which could be a viable target for foreign market entry. Finally, develop an international
marketing plan addressing three main aspects:
a) Company analysis and target country analysis
? Discussion of the main strengths and weaknesses of the firm;
Explanation of and justification for the selection of the target-market
country based on the analysis of the established criteria of market
b) Strategic plan
? Entry mode strategy; segmentation, targeting and positioning;
potential competitors in the target market
c) The tailored marketing mix
? Product strategy and rationale; promotion strategy and rationale;
pricing strategy and rationale; distribution strategy and rationale.
You must provide convincing rationale and arguments on all aspects of your decisions on
the strategic plan and marketing communication mix analysis.
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