Discuss the main characteristics of the modern movement, choosing to highlight specific 3 painting examples in the process.

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Research Essay Topic:
The modern movement, roughly spanning the years 1913-1939, is characterised by an emphasis on colour and form. This topic looks at the influence of Dattilo Rubbo in Sydney and Max Meldrum in Melbourne and covers works by Norah Simpson, Ronald Wakelin, Grace Cossington Smith and Roy de Maistre among others. We shall also look at the formation of the Australian Academy of Art and the Contemporary Art Society and the effects these institutions had on artistic practice.
Discuss the main characteristics of the modern movement, choosing to highlight specific 3 painting examples in the process. What were the main influences and theories circulating at the time?
The Essay should show evidence of independent research and not just follow the arguments and information presented in the readings. This also applies to your choice of artworks. It must include a considered response to the set question, informed by the prescribed and additional readings. It should also include visual analysis of key artworks and a clear argument. The essay should also include a bibliography of all the sources that you have consulted to produce your text (these are not counted in word length and but the footnotes are!). Images are only required.
Each page should be numbered; footnotes included for all artworks, quotes and references (footnotes placed at bottom of each page and footnote numbers should appear after nearest punctuation).
In the footnote, give full details of the work in the following order:
Artists name, Title of Work (date), medium, dimensions, and location. Separate each field with a comma. For example:
33. Tom Roberts, Shearing the Rams (1889), oil on canvas, 193 x 265 cm, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.
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