Discuss the Implications of Implementing Green HRM in the Corporate Bodies With special reference to Developing Nations

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1. Purpose of ordering this Article. To be submitted and publishable in the ISI or Scopus Journal Standard

2. Research Area is Human Resource Management with special topic as Green HRM

3. Title: A Study on Implications of Implementing Green HRM in the Corporate Bodies With special reference to Developing Nations
4. Education Level is PHD, Paper should be written by experienced PhD holder having relevant expertise in the Green HRM area.
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Outline of the article as below

A Study on Implications of Implementing Green HRM in the Corporate Bodies With special reference to Developing Nations
(Key words… It includes problem; aim of the paper; methodology; variables focus; innovative component of work; finding conclusion; future direction of research) Only half page
I Introduction
a. Why green HRM
b. Present trend in developed and developing nations
c. Expected trend in future
II Review and Influencing factors (Minimum 2 pages from beginning to 2017)
(After review is completed draw an appropriate model for Green HRM here it is very important)
III Green HRM in corporate body
a. Feasibility studies on implementing corporate green policy
i. Energy issues
ii. Environmental issues
b. Preparation of guidelines of corporate green policy
i. Guidelines for energy and environmental issues
ii. Listed activities
iii. Timelines and Goals
c. Human resource planning to meet corporate green policy
i. Planning appropriate training activities for existing workforce
ii. Restructuring the existing workforce based on requirements
d. Training and development for existing work force on corporate green policy
i. Making awareness of guidelines to existing workforce
ii. Appropriate training
iii. Activities and Timeline for achieving targets
e. New recruitment guidelines to meet the corporate green policy
i. Requirements on new recruitments
ii. Training activities on new recruits
f. Appraisals /Performance evaluation based on corporate green policy
g. Employee discipline management for corporate green policy
h. Agreements with workforce/community on corporate green policy
i. Individual agreements with employees
ii. Common agreements with trade-unions
iii. Agreements with government or public bodies
i. Sustainability/Enhancement strategy for corporate green policy
IV Discussion/ Recommendations
V Future Direction of Research
VI Conclusions
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