Discuss the history of Chinese prostitution in CA beginning in the mid-1850s.

The academic paper that examines the history of Chinese prostitution in CA beginning in the mid-1850s. Many of these women came willingly; others were forced into it. In such a paper, because it cannot be US focused, you would need to spend equal amount of time paying attention to what was happening in China at the time that led to this, and what happened to those women once they were in the US. Also, this research project asked that you conduct historical research on a topic outside of the USA, again, you will need to spend an equal amount of time on the China side of the history, and the US side. So half your sources should be on Chinese history, and the other half on US history as it regards this topic. Focus the first half of your paper on China and the cultural, social, economic, or political reasons for prostitution. Then the second half of the paper will be on what they experienced in the US. You can use those databases: Collections of Primary Sources, Search It, Historical/Older Newspapers, JSTOR, Project Muse and others. Instructions for Sources:Primary sources can be print (diary, letter, speech transcript, interview transcript, personal papers, etc.), as well as non-print audio/video sources (historical footage, historical film, music recording, recorded interview, etc.). Still visual images (maps, photographs, paintings, album artwork) can be primary sources as well, but you may only use them in addition to written or audio/visual primary sources for this assignment.2)Monographs 3) Scholarly journal article: 4) Contemporary newspaper article: Since this course uses contemporary examples as starting points for understanding historical origins, you will also do this for your research paper. Contemporary newspapers are one gateway into a wide variety of contemporary issues. WSU Libraries provide access to a wide range of newspapers from around the world, both current and historical. Newspapers are a type of primary source and part of a larger category of sources called primary sources that also includes popular magazines. Whether they are historical or contemporary, they are written at the time of an event or process and, when critically assessed, can provide insight into the goals or views of the author, the publication, or its readership. Many of these resources are available in electronic format, and much of the historical collection is in microfilm.5) Specialized encyclopedia: Encyclopedias are excellent places to locate such articles. Encyclopedia articles contain an overview of important facts and often a list of recommended readings. In other words, they are a window into a research topic, but because they are not based on the author\’s original research, they are not appropriate as a main source. A common assumption about academic encyclopedias is that they are freely available in electronic form on the Internet. . For example, Wikipedia is not an academic encyclopedia.  Bibliography:    

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