Discuss The general aim of health promotion strategies is to persuade people to change their attitudes toward unhealthy behaviors.

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Write a Health Promotion report.

Based on your Literature Review but applied to the area of Health Promotion. Health promotion offers interventions that
are intended to short circuit illness and injury, increase health, and enhance quality of life through change or development of healthrelated
behaviour and conditions of living. The general aim of health promotion strategies is to persuade people
to change their attitudes toward unhealthy behaviors.
You are to write the project up in the form of a submission to a fictitious government body applying for a grant to implement it. This
fictitious government organisation is the Australian Health Promotion Committee (AHPC), an agency that provides individual grants from
$5,000 to $1,000,000 for projects that can be completed in one year.
You do not need to implement the project or have a real budget!

Write the evaluation for the intervention in future tense.

literature review topic and references to use as key information:

Health promotion is the process by which one gains improvements and increased control over ones health. It spans beyond the individual and focuses on wide range of social and environmental interventions. Diabetes is a chronic disease, by which the human bodys ability to produce insulin is impaired, thereby resulting in abnormal metabolic function and elevated levels of glucose in the blood. It is a disease that affects 8% of the worlds population and 25% above the age of 60. Therefore, significant strategies have been implemented to influence management and understanding on how we can improve the way diabetes is managed in society. Both lifestyle and pharmacological (Metformin) interventions have been explored in great depth The Diabetes prevention program, further self-management programs through the use of video games and technology have been explored and have had an impact on the management of diabetes in our society today.

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The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP): Description of lifestyle intervention. (2002). Diabetes Care, 25(12), 2165-2171. https://dx.doi.org/10.2337/diacare.25.12.2165
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