Discuss The Exploitation of Women in Hamlet

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The topic should be limited to having a relationship to a \”feminist\” point of view. you do not have to agree or disagree with a feminist interpretation of the play (Hamlet). you are, in effect, \”channeling\” your sources so that the readers of your paper might make up their own minds regarding the validity or invalidity of the thesis that you have established from your reading of your sources. it is certainly possible your sources will have conflicting views of this topic.That\’s OK. Just put us in touch with them by writing an organized paper that reveals to your readers some of the critical thinking that is available out there regarding what is called \”Feminist Criticism\” of Shakespeare\’s Hamlet…

minimum of 6 sources (I put 8 to give you more space but you can use more or just 6)
the 6 sources needs to be:
1. First source has to be the essay, \”representing Ophelia: Women, Madness, and the Responsibilities of Feminist Criticism. (a handout I\’ll upload)
2.3.4.needs to be any three of the sources listed by Ms. Showalter under her \”works cited\’ (Pp. 238,239, and 340 of the Handout I\’ll upload)
5. Fifth source should be periodical, from a scholarly magazine.
6. the sixth source from the internet– not wikipedia/IMDb/ or any other generic site!

also provide some a very brief summary of each source\’s main thesis (argument,claim). not included in the six page research paper
work cited is not also included in the six page research paper.
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