Discuss The effect of Non-Monetary Rewards on Employees\’ Performance.) Analysis chapter

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*You have to write an introduction what are you going to write in the following part in this chapter
*compare the findings to literature .
*write a logical conclusion , conclude on the chapter and link.
Instructions: . please note that the paper which needs editing is attached Please note that you have to write an introduction and a logical conclusion for this chapter. Please read carefully all the attachment to understand my research objective and strategy. You will find the later lit review chapter in the attachments. Please feel free to add any missing information if you feel it is necessary. Please feel free to add any sub-heading. . please conclude on the chapter and link 3 / 3 Please send me a massage if you need any clarification before answering for avoiding Revision. Please remember that this is a master level. Please use appropriate charts and figures for clarification if that necessary. Please ensure to cite any information need to be referenced using Harvard system because my lecturer very strict in this point. For example when you write a sentence in a paragraph you have to cite this information (from where you get this information) and put the reference in the reference list. Please avoid sweeping generalisations that are not justified or supported and avoid inappropriate citation. Please note that I have to read all the reference that youll use in this assignment because I have to discuss with my supervisor, so please make a good use of them and put just the reference that you used. The number of references should be between 4 to 6 (not more than 6). One more thing before I submit the chapter to the supervisor I have to read all the references. So, please be accurate about the references and number of pages.

please do your best

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