discuss the Dutch system of cycling with what that of South Korea.

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Part Two: An individual reflection on Entrepreneurship
A written assignment (up to 2000 words), carried out individually, which allows the student to consider an aspect of their own entrepreneurial experiences, characteristic, or potential in light of the theory and examples presented throughout the module. The student is encouraged to explore their personal perspectives on the topic of entrepreneurship, and to deepen their knowledge of the application of the entrepreneurial theory to their own practical circumstances.
Prompts: These are just prompts Are you an entrepreneur? Have
you started a new-venture / planning a new-venture? What are your own experiences? Do you have the potential to be an entrepreneur? What characteristics do you have to be an entrepreneur? Has the module helped you? What have you learnt? Would you now start a new-venture? Has the module given you new insights? Has your knowledge deepened? Have you now got the potential to start a new-venture? How would you go about? What would you avoid? What approach would you take? What tools would you consider? What theories have you learnt to support you? Do they support you? Are entrepreneurs born or nurtured? Is the fear of failure an obstacle? What about funding how would you go about securing funding? What resources Gov support, business incubation and mentors would you use? In your opinion is there sufficient support for entrepreneurs? Whats your perspective of the UK entrepreneurial scene? What about social entrepreneurship are you a social entrepreneur? What do you consider to be the biggest challenges for new entrepreneurs? As a Female entrepreneur, what is the landscape like for you? What real world examples can you use? How will you test your product / service/ new offering? Does it need to be tested? Digital economy? References? Whats your perception of other entrepreneurs? Do you have a perception?
Suggested report structure:
First person
? Introduction
? Discussion –
? Conclusion
? References
o Harvard style
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