Discuss the complexities that lay ahead for business, government and civil society in the context of the past and the future.

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Commentators argue that a weak economic recovery following the global financial crisis looks likely to fuel a sense of social polarisation and a resurgence of populism in the coming decades. Discuss the complexities that lay ahead for business, government and civil society in the context of the past and the future.

o Offer relevant evidence to support your point of view or opinion.
o Make consistent use of thorough referencing and clear bibliographic detail
o See attached Marking Scale for guidance regarding the standard expected from your essay within each marks band.

I have 2 cases which you can choose, which one is easier and make sense for you to write.
Need to specific country.

1. Air pollution from coal-fired power plants, industry lead to Climate change in U.K.

2. Regimes of spatial ordering in Brazil: Neoliberalism, leftist populism and modernist aesthetics in slum upgrading in Recife

Avoid rhetorical language.
Everything need to make sense.
The important thing is to directly answer the question.
Articles need to be logical and linear.
2,500 words ( not more than 2,750 words) (excludes end notes and reference list)
Argument (need to be strong and clear idea)
Do not copy sentences or text from any sources because this must upload on Turnitin website to check plagiarism. (paraphrase sentences)
Must use complex sentences and academic vocabulary.
Endnotes use for expanding the words, identify, theories which should relate to the topic .
Avoid direct quote
Should have Diagrams, Table or figure to explain context.
Must use the Theories which I have provided.

I have uploaded requirement and theories sources.
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