Discuss the advantages of going to the gym.

“LIFE AFTER WELLNESS” PERSONAL REFLECTION / WELLNESS PLAN (100 POINTS)  INSTRUCTIONS: Combine all (3) topics into  organized by title. You will be required to present ALL of your findings via a paper presented to you instructor. • 1. PERSONAL WELLNESS PLAN: What happens to your personal wellness goals after you finish this wellness class?  First, discuss your progress made with each dimension/each goal throughout and at the end of the semester. Then, establish one personal goal for each of the eight wellness dimensions. This goal should be reachable, realistic and measurable in nature. • 2. HEALTH APPRAISAL PLAN: How will you maintain good health and fitness levels or improve upon these levels? You will also report your findings and interpretation with your results for the health appraisal day and blood draw as applicable.The result :                                                                              You will list the items you need to maintain and the items you need to improve upon per your results with a goal of how to maintain or improve. Research for interpreting your results needs to include the textbook or web use or use of a credible, reliable resource. Each goal/reporting needs to be one (1) paragraph per goal summarizing your progress and continuation plans for the future. • 3. WELLNESS RESOURCES ON CAMPUS: What resources and support are on or provided through the school campus to help you achieve and/or maintain your goals? You will also report at least two resources per each wellness dimension you can find on or through the school campus (department ex. gym)  AND why you feel these are relevant resources for YOU. Each dimension/resource needs have appropriate information provided (name of resource or service, location, telephone #, website, hours of operation, etc.). RUBRIC MUST BE ATTACHED TO THE FRONT OF PAPER! Breakdown of points1(25 points) _______ Item2 (25points) _______ Item3 (25 points) _______Inclusion of research and references AND free of grammatical and spelling errors; paper is cohesive and has good flow (25 points)Total of 100 points   

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