Discuss of how your views on sustainability in relation to tourism have evolved over the semester Evidence of a sophisticated engagement with literature on sustainability and sustainability education.

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In this assessment task you will have the opportunity to reflect back on how your knowledge of sustainability has evolved over the course of the subject and to consider how you will apply the lessons you have learned to your future careers.
All students are required to develop a reflection piece based on the following question:
In Developing Sustainable Tourism Destinations we have argued that education for sustainability can transform a students worldview. Reflecting back on the semester please evaluate how your perception of sustainability has evolved. Then with reference to a specific industry sector, discuss how you might apply your understanding of sustainability to your choice of future careers in the global tourism industry.

4 points need to be include for the essay
1. Discussion of how your views on sustainability in relation to tourism have evolved over the semester
Evidence of a sophisticated engagement with literature on sustainability and sustainability education. Links made between this literature and your own knowledge growth.

2. Application of your ideas on sustainability to a specific industry sector
High levels of critical engagement with the literature in the context of a specific industry debate. Sophisticated links are made to sustainability scholarship.

3. Implications of your understanding of sustainability to future career choices
Evidence of critical reflection on the role of sustainability in your intended future career.

4. Referencing used to support arguments in the assessment
Sources are correctly referenced using UTS Harvard system, with only one or two minor errors.

Do not throw marks away by failing to follow the appropriate essay format and/or by failing to reference your essay correctly.
The essay must conform in all aspects to the Faculty\’s Guide to Writing Assignments.
If you are unsure of what constitutes the standard essay format or how to reference consult the Faculty Guide.
For further information on essay writing try Good Essay Writing: A Social Sciences Guide by Peter Redman (2001) published by Sage, London (its in the library).
It will be expected that a minimum of 10 references will be used in your reflection
Teacher have noted evidence needs to provided when discussing every details
Any claim or solution made have to be supported with source
The structure and the paragraph needs to flow together
Conclusion needs to connect from the evidence presented in the essay
Each paragraph should include a idea

UTS harvard referencing example

Department of Immigration 2011, Fact Sheet 1 – Immigration: The Background Part One, Canberra, viewed 5 March 2012, .

Journal Article
Islamoglu, H. & Keyder, C. 1977, \’Agenda for Ottoman history\’, Review, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 31-55.

For more other example please visit :

Lecture 9 Tourism Zoning
Lecture 6 Climate Change
Lecture 10 medical tourism
Readings on lecture 9,6 and 10

Please go through this attachments, you can reflect on two or more of this topics.
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