Discuss international business management( country profile)

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this is assignment 2 and my subject is international business management. In this we have been asked to do the first 4 parts that is from executive summary to legal part in the checklist.
if any queries on the assignment plz feel free to call anytime.

Assignment 2: Country Profile
Type: Group of 2 or 3 members per group (or individual, but only with Lecturers permission)
Due date: 2359 (11:59 pm) on Sunday, 30 April 2017, by online submission
Word limit: 3000-4000 words, definitely NO MORE (word count excludes only reference list and appendices, includes all else)
Value: 40% of the total marks for this Unit
Format: Written report
Hurdle requirement: Each group member must individually submit the section they contributed to the assignment (about 1100 words)

Most of the information for Assignment 2 is contained in Lecture 5, which will be given 1300-1600 on Friday, 7 April, and available online a few hours later.

This document provides some extra information about the assignment.

Marking Rubric

A copy of the marking rubric will be provided early next week. You may use this to help you prepare your report. The rubric will be used to assess and provide feedback on your work. Please note all assessment tasks are scored out of 100, and are then scaled to the percentage value of each assessment. Assignment 2 is worth 40% of the marks for the Unit.

Assignment 2 Checklist

A list of all the points you may need to consider in completing Assignment 2 is provided below.

This list is quite comprehensive: you may dismiss some of these points as not being important for the company and the country you are considering, but you should at least briefly think about them all.

Remember that for all of these points, the important thing is the effect they have on doing business. Providing only data is of limited value: analysing the data to find its likely impact on business is what matters. For example, from our study of Romania last year: data shows that GDP per capita has been growing at 5-7% each year for 3-4 years. Interesting perhaps, but what effect has it on business? Analysis of this leads to a conclusion Thus in five years per capita income will probably be about one-third higher than at present, which suggests a good growth market for consumer goods. Note: data first, then analysis of that data to reach a conclusion that highlights its direct relevance to business.

Without this analysis you will NOT get good marks.

Dr Murray Frazer 4 April 2017

Executive summary Yes No
Provides findings on all factors and summarises the report in no more than one page.
Company profile
Scope/parameters of the report
Limitations of report
Economic factors
Economic policy of the Government
GDP & GDP Growth (Trend)
Per capita income (Trend)
Inflation as measured by CPI(Trend)
Unemployment (Trend)
Tariffs relevant (if any)
Current Account (Trend)
Trading partners and key imports and exports
Trade agreements
Type of Government
Government structure and how it operates
International relations with other countries
Political risk associated with the country
Level of corruption
Legal system and how it works
Government rules and regulations for establishing a foreign business
Ownership of business, land and office
Labour/employment law
History of FDI in the country including:
Inflow /outflow amounts/where it comes from
Industry access for the Company
Government rules and regulations concerning FDI
Government incentives or any special economic zones
Banking system and types of banks in the country
Access to finance (refers to Foreign Companys access to finance in country)
Interest Rates
Type of Exchange Rate System and currency (trend data)
Repatriation of profit regulations
Taxation rules
Key values and traditions
How business is done in the country
Hofstedes dimensions on the country in comparison to Australia
Language and communication styles
Religion and social stratification/structure of society
All factors are forecasted where possible and logical
Conclusions (Note: No recommendations needed for Assignment 2)
All data presented in the report is analysed and evaluated.
The report concludes appropriately and is coherent and logical.
The report is fact-based and can be used to guide assessment of the market for the company
The file being submitted is a docx file and is named Group # – MPM735 Assignment 2 FINAL
* * * *
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