Discuss International Accounting: development and classification

@hi writer,

I have a research paper in my accounting class about Discuss the factors that are likely to shape accounting
development for 4 countries each one in a separate paper so it will be 4 pages in total.

The professor choose 4 me the 4 countries that i will discuss which are:

These are the 4 countries that i got the approval to discuss them…..

Here are some useful resources related to countries facts and information


If you didn’t like the sources please use another ACADEMIC SOURCES and don’t refer to untrusted sources like Wikipedia…etc

And make sure that your references to be PURE academic Books, Journals, and Articles.

Please I’m failing this class already so P need an A essay to pass.

I’m not from UK or US so don’t write that I’m from there because P will get caught.

And please don’t plagiarize or copy anything because i will submit it the paper via turnitin website please I gave a lot of days so you can have a very long time to work on it, so please don’t copy and paste a beg you because I will be kicked out of school because of the plagiarism.

Thanks in advance…..