Discuss How does anxiety impact student performance in statistics classes?

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i) ParticipantsDescription of sample , participant selection, and/or site identification; comparison group description.
nursing students enrolled in a research or statistics course. will look for differences in type of learner (adult vs traditional)

ii) Measures or Instrumentationdescription of all variables, data sources such as existing data, assessments, measures/surveys, and/or interview protocols.
SAM (Earp, 2007)
SELS (Perepiczka, Chandler and Becerra, 2011)
pre and post test to collect anxiety and self-efficacy data
grades from midterm and final exam to match achievement data
institutional records to see if success in the course impacts nursing attrition rates

iii) Procedure:

(1) Interventiondetailed description of the intervention including a timeline for the intervention.
Team-Based learning intervention. using real world examples and data. will attach the information on the curriculum in a word document.

(2) Data collectiondescription of data collection procedure to examine BOTH the process of implementation and proximal outcomes of the intervention.

(3) Data analysisdescription of the data analyses including specific steps to code

qualitative data and statistical analyses for quantitative data. this section should also consider how to manage the data.

(4) Summary Matrixinclude a matrix showing alignment between research questions, measures or instrumentation that operationalizes the variables of interest, data collection, and data analysis as an Appendix; refer to appendix as appropriate throughout this section
research questions:
1. How does anxiety impact student performance in statistics classes?
2. In what ways does statistics anxiety relate to general mathematics anxiety?
3. Does a students attitude toward statistics affect his or her academic performance?
4. How does the type of learner affect statistics anxiety?
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