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Ill be applying for one of the top Honors colleges in USA, Albert Dorman Honors College in NJIT. I am an undergrad freshmen with a major of Industrial Engineer at NJIT, Newark College of Engineering, and Ive been studying in it for a year. The requirement to apply for such a college is to get a Cumulative GPA more than 3.5 and I got a Cumulative GPA of a 3.64 and this previous term I got a 4.0 GPA. Requirement two is to attend at least 2 Colloquiums, and I attended two this previous spring term. Colloquia is a series of talks, lectures, and panels that address current scientific and social issues of the day, career information, site visits, and other events, presented by leaders who are actively using the kinds of skills you will be learning at NJIT (write about it, write about how I learned a lot from the colloquiums I attended and how its useful).
Write an essay in which I give a specific and definite plan for your Honors education at NJIT. Your essay must cover the following points: (1) Honors courses, and why Honor courses are very useful, I have to take 11 honors course to graduate as an Honors. Honors courses have a lower student-to-teacher ratio (typically 15:1), are taught at a high level, and delve into the subject more deeply. They are taught by the best faculty in each department.They are available throughout the curriculum sciences, engineering, math, English, history, etc. They are available throughout your 4 or 5 years (from honors.njit.edu) ; (2) And the important of research and internships in an engineers life; (3) service and other activities within NJIT, The administrated essay should include why community service + services within NJIT is important in our students academic life and how it affects students life; and (4) My plans to undertake 2 minors which are math Minor and Business Minor. The essay should provide details about how membership in the Honors College will help me attain academic and professional excellence. This essay is a critical part of my application. For more information go to honors.njit.edu
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