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COURSEWORK BRIEF – I am only placing to assist with 2 points out of 6 ( incl. HAZID, legislation associated with identified hazards, etc.) If I am satisfied with the quality of paper, I will place the rest later. Thanks

For the purposes of this assessment, you have been employed as a risk management consultant at a gas terminal situated in the North East of Scotland. With good transport links, it is based in a coastal location, close to a small village, with the nearest town 3 miles away, and the nearest city 40 miles away. The CEO is proposing to build an additional, large gas storage tank on site. With respect to the new development, you are required to write a report to management, which addresses the following 6 points:

1. Provide a summary as to how the health and safety, environmental, and socio-political risks associated with the new development could be managed independently (three in total), describing the relevant management systems that could be used to this effect.

o It might be prudent for the student to show how management systems can be used to manage hazards, reflecting on what could be done at each of the systems stages to facilitate the management of hazards.

2. For the new gas storage development, propose an integrated risk management strategy to manage two pure risks and one speculative risk, chosen from the Table below (the integrated risk management system chosen could be the same as one identified in point 1 above). Underpinning your proposal, you must provide an academic critical analysis and evaluation.

o With respect to your critical analysis, you should consider how performance might be affected by management system integration, as well as any other potential advantages and disadvantages. Reference to relevant literature (academic critical analysis) is important in this endeavor.

Pure Risk Speculative Risk
1. Occupational health & safety Financial/credit
2. Fire Socio-political
3. IT reliability Human Resources
4. Extreme weather Total Quality Management
5 Environment Political
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