Discuss Has Family Preservation Policy been an effective approach to child welfare?

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Has Family Preservation Policy been an effective approach to child welfare? *My assigned position is that it has not been effective*

Grading Criteria and Approach

The position paper will be worth 100 points. These points are independent of the class participation points associated with the debate. Late papers will be penalized at my discretion. In order to get an A or A- on a position paper, it must: 1) Be well written; 2) Two complete pages in length; 3) Use evidence and logical argumentation; 4) Be properly cited; 5) Have proper citation format; and 6) Involve the use of authoritative and diverse sources, amongst other considerations.

There are a couple of ways you might go about writing your position paper. First, you could adopt the position of a particular organization, political party or institution in the debate.

For example, you could adopt the position or use the research of Children\’s Rights, Child Welfare League of America, National Center for Youth Law, National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, Children\’s Bureau, Annie E. Casey Foundation, and Pioneer Institute amongst others. Second, you may choose to focus on one aspect of the debate about the merits of family preservation policy and articulate it fully in your position paper. You do not necessarily have to focus on every dimension of every problem or virtue associated with family preservation policy. So, you could focus on the tradeoffs between child safety and parental rights, the efficacy of the foster care and group home systems, evidence related to the outcomes of family preservation policies, the cost and cost savings of such policies, caseload pressures facing child protection workers, and the availability of family monitoring and supportive services, amongst others.

Much of your research will probably be internet-based, but you are encouraged to use other sources. Above all, you should use scholarly research articles. I want to see EVIDENCE-BASED arguments. Where evidence is lacking, I want to see logical argumentation.
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