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my assignment is containing from 6 Questions. but please don\’t answer the first Question and the second Question and the first part of Question 3 which is (How are patients diagnosed as diabetics?) because it is not for me for another student. So you have to start from the part tow of Question 3 which is What treatment options are most used to manage this condition(diabetes mellitus)?. In this section write all treatment of Diabetes, which are Insulin, oral medication, Nutrition and life style modification, please write all those medications with example (it is very important section) with references.
Question 4 is the most important Q due to it has 40% of the total marks. Furthermore, there are two question (1) What changes in the metabolism of glucose and fat (triglycerides) are observed in this disease? (2) What symptoms might a diabetic show as a result of these metabolic changes and why do these occur? look at sample that I will send it Please do your best in this Q. I have done the Question 5 but I did not answer the last part which is comment the result of two patients, because it need comment with references. Please do your best in this Q
Question 6: we need information about e.g. what are the consequence when patient do not regularly use diabetes treatment that leading to neuropathy and then to gangrene,,,,etc. , look at the sample (its very important question )

In addition, the count words are 500 words and the writing type must be (Succinct Writing in all questions) with primary and secondary references, please see that in PDF file that I sent it. Finally, references should be by (University of south Australia Harvard style) I hope my assignment is high level academic. Considering, this the third assignment in best essay. please dont to do paraphrase the sample just see the idea because its for my friend and he is already did a paraphrase for another one. Hopefully you write better than the sample.
Note ( you have to write the second part of question 3, question 4,question 5 and question 6 ONLY)
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