Developing researcher competence

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I am to write and reflect on my journey doing a pilot study. The assignment will require me to share my experience of a developing researcher competence. The aim was to show the reader how reflective journals was used in engaging with the notion of creating transparency in the research process and how keeping a reflective can affect the research design and how it help me to develop as a researcher.

– Choose four areas to focus on when reflecting what went wrong, what I learnt and what I would do to make it better for my dissertation (this is a pilot study I did) use quotes from journal to share what you felt at those stages to back up your point. (You can make up the quotes from the journal to express this) i will send an article that was written about keeping a reflective journals and how they quoted from it in essay.

-Talk about my experience, feeling and opinions that had influenced the choice of topic.
-Talk about what I focused on in selecting he data for analysis and interpretation of the data. (what I did and what I felt at this moment, did anything go wrong, what I learnt)
-Talk about changes made in the research design, why what i learned.

I will send you the 10 -steps i went through to help explain the stages of the research.
Below are the stages you can choose to reflect about.

Please choose three or four areas of developing researcher competence.

Contextualise framing, example say, my understanding about this topic arise contextually from my reflections on my professional experience with teaching undergraduate Saudi students.
Conceptual framing, example say, my understanding of this topic also arise conceptually from my engagement with the relevant topic and research methodology literature, more specially (use cohen, 2003)
Reflexive framing my understanding of this topic and my thinking about how to research are also shaped by my reflexive relationship with the context and the topic. Thus..
Focus bearing in mind these contextual and conceptual understandings, my pilot study will be focused using the following research question.
Method as coherent with the topic and with the context and literature-informed understanding of this topic, and with the focus articulated through the research question and with my ethical obligations, my pilot study will use (particular research method) to explore this topic.
Design in practical terms give details about the research instrument, participants, how they are selected and are accessed. What their expected to do. What kind of data and how much data the pilot study will generate? What language will be used in the process. What method of recording and then processing the data will be employed? etc
Main purpose, e.g. to develop research competence
Personal and professional interest in the topic, plus literature based understanding
Participants but briefly

I will send you the references to help with the reflection.
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