Develop a well written evaluation question related to the outcome of interest in the statistics anxiety TBL intervention.

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This is the second part to a project you have already worked on with me.
The intervention will be a TBL curriculum change. Students will be asked to take the SAM and SELS instruments in the beginning of the semester and again at the end to see how anxiety and self-efficacy levels have changed over the course of the term. Achievement levels will come from midterm and final exam scores. and institutional data will be used to see if success in this course impacts attrition in the nursing program overall.

Evaluation Question (Related to Outcome): Develop a well written evaluation question related to the outcome of interest in the statistics anxiety TBL intervention. Length: One (1) question

Hypothesis/Objective: State in measurable terms the objective of the intervention with respect to the evaluation question stated above. Length: One (1) sentence.

Effect Size: Discuss the effect size that would be expected for this intervention (or hope to have sufficient power to detect) based on previous research.
Include a discussion of the implications the identified effect size will have on the number of subjects required for the study to have sufficient power to detect the effect of the intervention. (Length: about 1 page)
Evaluation Design: Propose an evaluation design that could be used to address the evaluation question posed above. Describe the design in detail. Provide justification for selected this design. (Length: about 2 pages)

Strengths and Limitations of Design: Discuss the strengths and limitations associated with the evaluation design proposed. Address the designs ability (or inability) to generate valid inferences about the effect of the intervention on the outcome of interest.
What will we be able to say about the evaluation question as a result of using this design? What will we not be able to say? Provide justification for why this proposed design is preferred over other alternatives. (Length: about 2 pages)

Data Collection Matrix: outline the data needs and collection plan for the proposed evaluation. Include at least one outcome measure (indicator), one control variable and one potential moderating/mediating variable.
(About 1 page, using the specifications included below)

Indicator: Name the indicator

Role of Indicator: What is the role of the indicator in your evaluation? (e.g., outcome, control variable, moderating variable)

Data Source(s): Name the data source for the indicator/performance measure

Frequency: How often / When will the indicator be collected?

Responsibility: Who is responsible for collecting the data?
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