Develop a PowerPoint presentation for police officers on an emerging technology that addresses a long-standing police issue.

Pretend you are a Police Academy instructor who needs to develop a PowerPoint presentation for police officers on an emerging technology that addresses a long-standing police issue.  Your choice of topics is as followsBook title is  Begin by reading the relevant sections of your textbook, but don’t be limited by what is covered; there have been great technological advances since the book was published.  The presentation should address the following questions:  For instance, if you use information from the textbook/OCR, you would follow it with  If you are showing a picture of a Taser, you might follow it with ().  If you are using information from an online article on Tasers, you might follow the information with (Remember to fully list them alphabetically in the reference list on the last slide, such as:   A good PowerPoint does use whole paragraphs or even entire sentences, since it is intended to accompany a speaker who explains what\’s on the screen.  Slides typically move too quickly for viewers to read long text, or long lists of items.   So, use to present key ideasIf you use the database Proquest, and find a good article, you can click on the “Cite this” feature at the top of the page – it will show you the article cited in APA format.    You may copy and paste the citation onto your References List (Bibliography) on your last slide.     

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