Design a tool that will follow youth through their high school process and even afterwards.

For this discussion, provide an outline for a comprehensive career program which includes program planning, organizational needs, implementation, administrative needs, and criteria for evaluation.For example, if you are currently, or will be, a professional school counselor, describe how you would set up your comprehensive program. If you are a mental health counselor, imagine that you have several clients in need of this service so you are setting up a program to meet their needs. For any context, be sure to include the materials needed. This assignmnet is a discussion question assignment, that you are required to write a discussion post for  the above topic and requiresyou to write a response to the two peer;s postings that I have provided below.Please follow all requirements in the instructions   1ST PEER\’S POSTING          2nd Peer Post POPULATION: All students (secondary school-aged youth in grades 9-12)PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The mental health counselor is assigned to a number of the district’s high schools. The counselor is working on self- and peer-empowerment groups for youth that occur throughout the school year as an open door forum with an agenda to accommodate individuals as they come along. Part of the curriculum focuses on the basics of career development including educational planning and job development skills.During this section of the curriculum, the counselor both demonstrates and assists the clients with what is appropriate interview attire; applications and resumes; budget planning; andSome of the other goals for the curriculum include bringing in successful graduates from the local high schools who are interested in speaking to the youth about their life choices and decisions while being products of the school and/or neighborhood. These conversations will include the sway each person had about positive decision-making skills, substance-related concerns; connecting sexual awareness to their life trajectories, and even creating mentors within the school that also reach out to the students’ families in the community. This will assist individuals in becoming accountable for each other while promoting overall self-awareness for the students.NEEDS: Faculty participation to become mentors (8-10); a space/room to accommodate the meetings (typically given by the school); community mentors; possible donations from a clothing store; and community partners willing to employee youth from the school after a vetting process.EVALUATION: Design a tool that will follow youth through their high school process and even afterwards. While in their 9-10 grade years, every three months evaluation; 11-12 grade years, 6 month evaluations; and post-secondary, annual basis. Special interest will be paid towards students in special populations including students who are considered minorities in the educational setting (e.g., if a school is predominately Hispanic, how do White children fair; non-heterosexual identifying students; ESL students; etc.)

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