Descuss The Films of Jean Luc Godard in the early 1960s

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Hello! I am in an advanced critical practice class at an art college and this is a class focusing on the films of Jean Luc Godard. I will write out the class description and thesis paper description as well.

Thesis description: This midterm paper is to be a 10-page double spaced typed research paper focusing on one or more of Godard\’s films, concentrating on how form and meaning relate to your choice of thesis. Please attach your accompanying bibliography. Involve yourself in your research.

Class description: This course is a comprehensive auteur study of one of the most influential filmmakers of the French New Wave, Jean Luc Godard and his influence on art, cinema and critical thinking of the last 60 years. Topics include an examination of Godard\’s defiance of the conventions of Hollywood yet his influence upon it, his radical and unambiguously political understanding of film history in the vicinity of history, his economic and cultural views, his scholarly interpretations of philosophy and cinema, his participation in film studies and film theory, and his thought-provoking associations of literature, painting, poetry and cinema. The course also examines film as challenging literature, painting, problems of director/character and their relationship to cinematic spectator, form and cinema\’s relationship to itself as identity purveyor and its connection to world cinema and politics. The course also examines Godard\’s understanding of Bertolt Brecht and their relationship to historical and cinematic theoretical positions and reproductions.

Books to read for research:
Godard on Godard – translated and edited by Tom Milne

Speaking about Godard – Kaja Silverman and Harun Farocki

For Ever Godard – edited by Michael Temple, James S Williams, and Michael Witt

Films to focus on : Breathless, A Woman is a Woman, Contempt and Masculin Feminin.
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