Describe what is meant by girlie feminism.

1. When you think of topics for gender roles classes we always think of womens roles, feminism, and the feminine world view. But what about the male? With the rise in feminism many have argued that men have actually become a minority group. Make an argument for or against this. You may use your own experience or the experience of those around you to illustrate and provide evidence for your argument.
2. The media, particularly sitcoms does an excellent job at reinforcing gender roles in our society. Select a sitcom (past or current) and illustrate how the media reinforces the stereotypical gender roles.
3. We discussed religion and how gender roles are assigned and play out in church dogma and beliefs and history. Some religions, like Hinduism embrace the feminism and have more female than male gods. Judeo-Christian belief relegates women to secondary figures. How does this happen? Remember I am not talking about the actual facts but the telling of the stories or recountments of the events throughout time.
4. We talked about several branches of feminism and most agree that women needed to gain power through normal channels. One new branch, girlie feminism, offers a different approach which mainstream feminism does not like. Describe what is meant by girlie feminism. How does the phenomena of sugaring figure into this branch of feminism? After watching the program in class who really has the power in the world of sugaring?
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