Describe the process you went through to reach agreement on the final sizing of each work effort.

Activity Completion Date: This is a group exercise that must be performed in 4 to 5 person teams. You all have been added to specific groups and an email was sent to your group. If you did not receive the group email – please let your professor know immediately.

Contact your team colleagues through email or create a group discussion under week three identified by your group number. You should complete the exercise by the 4th day of the week. If you have trouble finding partners to work with, please notify me ASAP. Do not wait until the assignment is due to notify me that you do not have partners for this exercise.

Findings Due Date: Results of the exercise must be documented in detail and sent to me by 11:59pm on the 6th day of the class. Everyone in class is responsible for turning in their own observations individually.

Assignment Details:

For each story (requirement), one individual will serve as the Product Owner. All others on the team will serve as Team Members for that same story. Rotate the Product Owner role for each story. All Product Owners should feel free to ad lib additional details in order to answer any clarification questions from their team members.
Note for two-person teams: For each story listed below, a team member must take on the role of Product Owner and Team Member simultaneously.
Describe the estimation process that you and your partners went through.
What were some of the challenges?
What were some of the assumptions you had for each story before playing poker? How did your assumptions differ from your partners?
Describe the process you went through to reach agreement on the final sizing of each work effort.
Assignment Ground Rules: Along with partners, play estimation poker for the following scenarios.

Discuss your assumptions and any clarifying questions you may have for each other prior to playing the first round of poker.

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