Describe the competencies are the skills and practical know-how (both tacit and explicit) required to perform practices. ( how to use appliances, how to be warm or cold )

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The essay structure:
1. The introduction : ( 500 words )
– Background information.
– What are unsustainable practices / definition.
– The importance of heating and cooling practices.
– The impact of unsustainable cooling and heating practices on environment.
– The global awareness ( international conventions or agreement related to the issue of climate change).
– The purpose of the report.

2. Rationale and Analysis of an Unsustainable Practice in cooling and heating : ( 1000 words )
– what constitutes the practice( what are materials, competencies and meanings ?)
– describe the meanings of cooling and heating t are the understandings and rationales of the practice that inform how, when, where and why practices should be performed ,such as ( being warm/ cold, feeling comfort, avoiding seasons illness ).
– Describe the materials of cooling and heating are the stuff that makes practices possible; the various appliances, gadgets, infrastructures and technologies required to undertake a practice ,such as ( A/C, fire place, heater, fan).
– Describe the competencies are the skills and practical know-how (both tacit and explicit) required to perform practices. ( how to use appliances, how to be warm or cold )
– Describe the links between these components ( materials, meanings and competencies ) and present a historical description in a particular place about how people\’s behavior in cooling and heating had changed throughout the time.
– who participates in or carries the practice
– how it might be changing
– identify the key problems and challenges for affecting change to the practice.

3. Rationale for, and Design of, a Strategy for Change : ( 1000 words )
– the design of your strategy for change which addresses the particular challenges in cooling and heating .
– linking the analysis of the practice/s with the strategies for change .
– What important challenges the strategy overcome?
– What important opportunities the strategy harness?
– Why these strategies are better than other possible or existing solutions?
– What role do the various actors in the strategy need to play ?
4. Conclusion: ( 300 words )
– Restate the main idea and key concepts.
Note : Each paragraph must begin with clear and direct topic sentence. Then, you have to present a citation, statistics or facts to prove your arguments. The purpose of the essay must be clear and direct and must be the last sentence in the introduction.
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