Describe new developments in social media.

(2) For your second Contribution posting you should find an article, book, video, or website that relates to a topic in one of the modules in Segment 2 or 3 of the course.

For example, you might see an interview on TV or YouTube with someone discussing advertising or economic aspects of the media or you might find an article that describes new developments in social media. (These are just examples.)

After reviewing the article, book, video, or website, write a paragraph or so describing the item and another 2-3 paragraphs explaining how it relates to the course (be sure to indicate which module it relates to) and why you think it is interesting or significant. Then post your paragraphs with an embedded, active link to the source to the Contribution 2 discussion forum.

Ideally, you will post your contributions close to when the topics are indicated in the Course Schedule, but in any case you must post your second contribution by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 19.

You can earn up to five (5) points for this contribution, as well, based on the following:
5 points: relevant item (with active link) and insightful comments
4 points: relevant item, but minimal comment or link not active
3 points: item of questionable relevance and/ or minimal comment / no active link
2 points: relevant article or website but no comment or active link
0 points: no contribution

You are encouraged to review the contributions submitted by other students, as these often provide very useful information to supplement the material provided by the instructor. You will get more out of the course if you put in the effort to see what your classmates are contributing.
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