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In health care, being able to lead a team is equally as important as being part of a team. There are a number of facilitators and barriers to effective team work in nursing.
Some examples of barriers might be lateral violence, poor communication, peer pressures, and being over-worked, or not being skilled enough. Some facilitators might be effective leadership, healthy workplace, your level of emotional intelligence. Consider what would make a team best able to meet its goals. Would you include the patient as a team member?
How will you resolve conflicts in your team? How can you support a student nurse in
your team? What characteristic of team work do you think is the most important?
Thinking about these issues will help you in your interview for a New
Graduate position, better assist you to work as part of a health care team, and leave you free to be able to enjoy your working life! For this assessment, you are required to demonstrate your understanding of team work, leadership, and communication styles to consider the essay question:

What are the barriers and facilitators that influence team performance? Consider leadership style, communication styles and team cohesion in your answer. What recommendations would you make for a team to improve its performance? (Use evidence to support your work)

I will upload the assessment criteria and marking criteria
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