Describe how these skills can be implemented to increase the therapeutic value of nursing care.

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Task – Written Assessment: Essay (1500 words)

Consider the following topic and write a well-organised essay addressing the topic.

Caring is fundamental in nursing, and develops with therapeutic use of self, a process between the nurse and patient.
1. Outline characteristics of therapeutic nursing and
2. Describe how these skills can be implemented to increase the therapeutic value of nursing care.

This assessment task requires an academic essay, with an introduction, logically linked and well organised paragraphs forming the body of your argument and a conclusion. Ensure that the conclusion does not contain quotes/references or introduce new ideas. The essay must be written in 3rd person.

Your essay must be referenced in APA 6th style, with paraphrasing and a reference list at the end of your paper. Evidence is required that a wide range of relevant, high quality, credible literature has been chosen to support arguments. Utilize the journal articles dated within the last 5-7 years.

P.S. I want the Essay to outline 4 characteristics of Therapeutic Nursing – Empathy, Trust, Rapport and Hope.

I want at least 2 journal articles for each characteristics – 1 article to define the characteristic and the 2nd article for the importance and how to implement it in Therapeutic Nursing.

I would like to please have an Australian Writer.

I am not able to attach the Rubric with this order. Kindly advise me how I can submit the Rubric to be used for this Essay.

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