describe Define two or more conflicting values or ethics that are present

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This assignment is about I am doing my work placement at primary school and I do not know about the conceptualizing ethical dilemmas. The problem is I am not a teacher at school and I am a social work student. Some of the kids we are not allowed to take because we do not have teaching background. Some of the student were left out because of there behaviour and not looking after what they need.

I want to use the two reference based on this assignment.
Portfolio Item 1 – One framework for conceptualizing ethical dilemmas

1. Recognise there is a problem

2. Are the facts correct? Do you need to confirm them with anyone?

3. Briefly describe your subjective thoughts and feelings

4. Define two or more conflicting values or ethics that are present

5. What aspects of the AASW or ACWA codes of ethics need to be considered?

6. What other factors affect your review

7. Investigate the variables involved do you need more information

8. Get feedback from others
Who did you consult? What was their feedback? Why did you choose those people?

9. Evaluate the dilemma on the basis of established ethical principles
Are you able to form a hierarchy of the competing values?

10. Think about possible alternatives

11. Weigh the alternatives and make your decision

Modified from Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2009, 5th ed. Understanding Generalist Practice chapter 11
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