Describe and analyze a work scenario from your own experience in which there was a lack of diversity awareness or cross-cultural competence:

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As part of your preparation for this assessment, research peer-reviewed articles on strategies for effective leadership in the midst of such diversity. Some articles are provided as suggested resources, but you are encouraged to refer to other articles of interest and insight. In particular, for this assessment:
Research the GLOBE study, a prominent cross-cultural research project often referred to by today\’s leaders and scholars. \”GLOBE\” is an acronym for \”Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness.\”
Once you have viewed ideas around multicultural intelligence, read and reference peer-reviewed journal articles.
The Resources section contains a wealth of information and links about cultural competence and videos that may help bring clarity and assist with the application of ideas. There are three cultural competence quizzes based on real-life business scenarios that also might give you insights for the assessment.
Then, choose one of the following options on which to base your assessment:
Describe and analyze a work scenario from your own experience in which there was a lack of diversity awareness or cross-cultural competence:
Analyze your own role as a leader in a particular situation or analyze the role of another person leading.
The situation could be in a family, sport, workplace, or community context.
Analyze this case study:
Isabella, a 40-year-old, second-generation Latina from Minneapolis, is a human resources manager for an American manufacturing company. The company has a manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China, and Isabella\’s mentor urges her to accept a three-year transfer offer, since international experience is required for the company\’s promotional track to VP.
Isabella has reservations about accepting the assignment. Her job would be to lead a HR Big Data initiative to improve operational performance and talent acquisition, which is her area of expertise. She would also be charged with helping the team develop multicultural leadership practices.
However, although the management team in Shanghai acknowledges the need for improvement in these areas, they are skeptical about the value of the initiative and are resistant to change. The plant\’s team consists of American white men ages 5065; two German women ages 3545; and Chinese, Indian, and Pakistani men, ages 2255. The team members ages 2235 are using the online platform well. However, key leaders Joe and John, ages 55 and 57, who are old friends, have hired many friends from their college fraternity and all go to sporting events together. Gertrude, one of the German women, has complained to HR that she is often excluded from team meetings, and her voice is not heard on important issues.
Isabella knows it will benefit the company\’s strategic position to transform HR decisions for employee management and reporting using analytics-driven, evidence-based decisions; solidify the HR department as a vital business function, and makeor breakher career. Isabella needs to develop an action plan for how she will implement these initiatives.
Based on your review of literature and your understanding of the situation, complete the following:
Analyze the example case study or real-life leadership situation for the leader\’s response (or lack of response) to diversity issues.
Analyze the dimensions of the GLOBE study that were involved (including uncertainty avoidance, power distance, collectivism, gender egalitarianism, future orientation, humane orientation, et cetera).
Describe three missed opportunities to promote multicultural leadership in a specific situation.
Recommend evidence-based strategies that enhance a leader\’s capacity to promote multicultural leadership.
Use at least three peer-reviewed journal articles to support your response.
Additional Requirements
Written communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Format your paper according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
Length: Submit 35 typed and double-spaced pages.
Font and font size: Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.
Here are some resources that can be used.
Internet Resources
Access the following resources by clicking the links provided. Please note that URLs change frequently. Permissions for the following links have been either granted or deemed appropriate for educational use at the time of course publication.
Kwintessential. (n.d.). Cross Cultural Quiz 1. Retrieved from
Kwintessential. (n.d.). Cross Cultural Quiz 2. Retrieved from
Kwintessential. (n.d.). Cross Cultural Quiz 3. Retrieved from
Kwintessential, a British-based company providing language services and cultural awareness training to businesses, gave permission to reference the Cross Cultural quizzes on their Web site. You may wish to test your own cross cultural competence by taking Cross Cultural quizzes 13. The quizzes are devised with real-life business scenarios, and answers are given with excellent explanations.
Rasmussen, L. (2013). Cross-cultural competence: Engage people from any culture. Global Cognition. Retrieved from
Find out how to work with people from any culture.
The Hofstede Centre. (2014). Cultural tools. Retrieved from
Find out how to work with people from any culture.
The Financial Times. (2010). Retrieved from
You may wish to search this site for the phrases \”leading people globally,\” \”leading with cultural intelligence,\” and \”leading diverse teams\” for interesting videos and articles on these issues.
National Center for Cultural Competence. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Though focused on social service organizations, this site provides some interesting examples of cultural competence assessments for both individuals and organizations.
APA. (2014). Guidelines on multicultural education, training, research, practice, and organizational change for psychologists- American Psychological Association. Retrieved from
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