Describe an idea, important character, or theme from the book in your own words,

Imagine that you are engaged in conversation with a friend or family member at gathering, like a picnic or a party. In 750-1000 words, explain to this other person a little bit about the book you read. Describe an idea, important character, or theme from the book in your own words, such that a person from outside our class could understand it, and offer a little of your own insight or analysis. If you are struggling to add your own analysis, you might think about one or two of the questions we discussed in class: Was Wu Zhao a hero or a villain or neither? Was she a good ruler? Was this a book a story of success or a story of failure? Do you think this book has anything to teach a modern leader or a modern soldier? An “A” essay will convey BOTH material from the book AND some of your own thoughts or analysis in a way that is interesting, compelling, or entertaining–remember, you are trying to hold the attention of someone from outside our class. This assignment can be written in whatever form you like; I have received formal essays in the past, but students have also submitted essays in the form of letters, dialogues, and so on. I am happy for you to work creatively provided that you satisfy the demands of the prompt.

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