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In week 6, you are required to conduct a debate. Please read week 6 forum carefully. You have been divided into FIVE groups. ALL the scenarios below very carefully to see where you and your classmates are coming from. WARNING!this is going to get VERY sensitive and touchy. Be in the rolebe unafraid andDONT be offended. Please be aware that your role in this debate was randomly selected. I did NOT assign you to any particular role based on what I know about you. This is what debates are all about. And use the CORRECT terminology for the era around the year 1850.

Group D will argue in support of allowing slavery to expand into the new territories. Note that one of the key elements in this debate is that the nation was preparing to build a trans-continental railroad. You own a very large plantation in South Carolina and live in a very nice home called Frampton Hall (real place, by the way). You own 138 slavesincluding about 25 house slaves. You make a very nice living off of cotton and rice. You have decided to expand your empire to the new territories and build another plantation near a brand new town called Tombstone, Arizona Territory. You intend on turning this into a profitable horse and cattle ranch. However, Mr. Lincoln and others are arguing that it is WRONG that you take your propertyyour slaves to the new territories. You are FURIOUS that that man is trying to dictate what you can or cannot do with your livelihood.

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