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The informative speech is a presentation meant to educate or inform the audience on some topic. Common forms of informative speeches that are best suited for this situation would include speeches to explain, describe, and explore (see the text). This is to be a 5- to 7-minute presentation, and speeches outside of these time limits will earn a deduction of 1 point per 10 seconds the speech falls under or over this time constraint.
Students must submit a full sentence outline of the speech with at least five credible scholarly sources. The speech must be recorded, and a live, attentive, and responsive audience of at least six adults is required for this speech in order to pass the class!!! Prior to the presentation, students must show a photo ID to the camera. Before the presentation, each student must pan the audience before the speech and pan the audience again once the speech is completed. The recording must be of a high visual and audio quality. Recordings that are not clear and intelligible due to technical issues are not acceptable. The student must be professionally attired. The student must be standing while delivering the speech. The speech must be well prepared, well organized, and comprehensible. The student needs to have a visual aid, and must adapt any visual aids to be recognizable by anyone viewing the recording. Typically these aids would be actual objects of some size or posters large enough to be useful to someone watching the video. Electronic visual aids projected on a screen (such as Prezi or Power Point) will usually not come through well on video unless you are using equipment found in a conference room/classroom.
The speech must be delivered extemporaneously; reading from or attending too much to notes and other displays in not acceptable. The student must demonstrate the use of verbal and nonverbal aspects of delivery that add to the effect of the speech and avoid those that detract from the effect. Be sure to verbally cite your sources! Not doing so will earn a deduction of points from your score, and is also plagiarism!
It would be very wise to pay attention to the Informative Speech Evaluation Form as you prepare and rehearse your presentation. As this is the form that will be used to evaluate your speech, you know expectations are.
The Informative Speech is worth 150 points. The Informative Speech Outline is worth 25 points. The Informative Speech Critiques are worth 15 points.

the following questions must be answered:
1. what is the source
2. How did you find it
3. why is it credible
4. what did it say
5. how is it useful to you
see below
In the process of creating your presentations, you should first research what topic you want to focus on and then what research you will need to support your presentation. In this assignment, you are to keep a record of the research sources you located for your informative speech, how you found them, why we should believe them, what they say, and how they might be useful to you.
What is the source?
Eventually, in your outline, you will have to cite the sources. This is because others may want to go look at the source, too. We will use the APA VI citation format, so for this paper begin the entry for a source with the APA citation. You can get some help with this in the Constructing Your Reference Page file in Resources on Blackboard. You could also look at the Purdue Owl pages on APA citations.
How did you find it?
Probably you located a source from a general query or you followed the trail from one source to another. Just explain this. You might report that a Google search on Rates of Communicable Disease led you to a report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on rates of diseases between 2010 and 2014. On the other hand this same report might have referred to a report on the rate immunizations in the U.S. Thus, you would need to explain that the one report led you to next report.
Why is it credible?
We want you to use believable sources of information. We prefer scholarly and expert sources. In the case of the reports from the CDC, one could say that the report comes from the CDC website, and the CDC is the government agency in charge of studying and preventing disease in the U.S. Perhaps you read a research article written by a professor from some university. It should be easy enough to find out what the persons area of expertise is and how many other articles he or she has written on the topic. If the article was published in a scholarly journal, that would be enough to make in credible. This might well be the case for official government documents, scholarly books, etc. The point, you need to make sure the information you are using is, indeed, believable.
The implication, here, is that sources like Wikipedia, Blogs and YouTube are not credible sources. Now any of these might refer to some more credible and scholarly source, but you will need to go look at the source itself before it counts as a credible source.
What does it say?
Give a general overview of what the source had to say once you read it. For example, you might have located a report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) about the actual amount of immunizations that go on the United States.
How is it useful to you?
There are really a few ways that a source could be useful. A source just might be giving you information that helps in the search for a topic. A source might be useful if you are looking for general information that might give some background for your presentation. A source might be useful if you need specific information to make your case or help with some illustration in your speech. Please describe which one of these is the case. Please describe specifically, then, what good the source is. For example, you might need a certain statistic or chart or graph. If this source can provide this, then say so and explain why you would need this information. Perhaps you were still looking for a topic, and the source helped you narrow down what to topic you might focus on. Please explain how the source did this.
Now for this assignment, you need to report on five sources that you came across. At least two of these need to be of the credible or scholarly variety that is described above. You will need to answer all five questions above for each of your five sources and organize them into a single Word document to submit.
In order to do well and earn all 15 points for this assignment, you must complete all of the questions appropriately for five good sources. The paper should be organized for easy reading, and all the grammar and language should be correct. If charts and graphs are located to prove topic please indicate location of site
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