Critically discuss a meal experience on a restaurant you are not familiar with.

You are required to create & cook yourself a special event. The event is to be a themed dinner for a small group of your friends.
2. Grow something to eat.
How is food produced? You are required to attempt to grow enough food to provide one meal for yourself. (And eat the results)
3. Restaurant visit
Select a restaurant you are not familiar with and go for a meal. Critically discuss this meal experience?
4. Shopping
Visit a large supermarket.
Critically analyze this as a food experience
5. Food and the city
Visit at least two food precincts
Critically analyze each and make comparison between these two food experiences.
6. Provisioning the city
Visit one of the following markets (during the hours of its primary operation) and discuss how such a visit could be promoted as a leisure/tourist activity.
A Farmers market or The Sydney Fish Markets.
7. Food and the media
Watch two different food programs on television. Discuss and analyze these as an experience.
Go online, find and participate in a virtual food experience.
Some questions:
Why are these food related activities popular?
What do you think people get out of this activity?
Comment on the concept of �gastroporn�
What type of online food experiences did you find?
Describe which of the three media experiences you enjoyed most.
Explain why you enjoyed this experience?
How can the hospitality & hotel industry use the internet to allow people to sample their experiences
8. Food in your life
Think deeply about your own �normal‟ food habits in light of these activities and your readings.
You are required to read the article from the Sydney Morning Herald by Terry Durack �20 Food experiences you must have before you die�
You are to create your own (based upon your life experiences) additional & original list of 5 food experiences you must have before you die.
You must provide a reason (written in a similar style to Durack) for each of your choices.

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