Critical summary of Canada, Climate Change, and Bullshit

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Book: Byron Williston, Environmental Ethics for Canadians, second edition (Oxford University Press, 2015).

At least 500 words

The critical summary is your chance to reflect on the case studies at the end of the textbooks chapters. They should be succinct and accomplish three broad goals: (a) convey the content of the
study; (b) assess the argument of the study; and (c) make reference to two themes from the relevant chapter that help elucidate your points. Your course materials contain a model summary and a guide to writing critical summaries. For each critical summary assignment, you will have a choice of case studies to write about, as follows:
Critical summary #: case study from chapter 11, Climate Change.

the title of this paper should be Critical summary of Canada, Climate Change, and Bullshit

Canada, Climate Change, and Bullshit is the case study of this chapter 11(Climate change) which is on the page 313-315(I have sent you the images of these pages). For this critical summary, you need to summarize the case study and the argument in the case study (Summary: Convey the content of the study
). Also, you need to use important themes of this chapter from the course note and the book images (page 288-315) that I have sent you and use them to access the case study and to support your argument. In page 288 -315, main themes are in the articles of this chapter, you need to list and make reference at least 3 main themes from the book (page 288-315) to support the argument of the case study. (Critical Assessment: Assess the argument of the study, make reference to three themes from the relevant chapter.).
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